Wave Vibration Plate w/ EasyStand Standing Frame

WAVE vibration stimulates muscles through an involuntary stretch reflex, generating up to 3000 muscle contractions with minimal effort on the users
part. In addition to gentle but rapid muscle contractions, there are positive effects on circulation and bone density. With the modification of our Wave Plate to accommodate a mountable Easystand standing frame, our spinal cord injured clients can safely stand on the plate and receive all these benefits.



Orthonova is a company that is specialised in planning and manufacturing custom made orthoses and prosthesis for lower extremities.




Bioness Ness L300 Foot Drop System

The Bioness L300 Foot Drop System is light-weight, fits just below the knee and is designed to be easy to put on and take off. It has three main parts-a leg cuff, a gait sensor, and a remote control-that use wireless communication to “talk” to each other to help you move where you want to go.

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Giger MD Locomotion System by Giger

The GIGER MD © therapy as swimming offers to the patient the advantages of a reduction of the gravitational pull and the hydrostatic pressure in the cardiovascular system.In this practically gravitationless state the tonic musculature is put at ease and the patient can concentrate on coordinating movements of particular muscle groups. The patient can consciously guide joint movements and adapt his efforts to the range of movement.A reduction of muscle tonus is accompanied by a sensation of well-being in part due to the reduction of spasm.


XL Pacer Gait Trainer by Rifton

The Rifton Pacer gait trainer is a device that can enable clients with even the most severe movement disorders and injury-related conditions such as spinal cord or traumatic brain injury to learn to walk again. Its variety of adjustable prompts and supports can provide partial weight-bearing support and help a client remain correctly positioned to take steps. The supports can then be peeled away as a client’s weight-bearing and mobility improve. The ultimate goal is to leave the Pacer behind and move to crutches or even independent walking.