I am so happy with the staff and owners of Walk The Line to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. I’m glad that Erica, Rita and the others invited me to be the first brain injury client in the program. I saw improvement on the first day I attended the program. It is great to see all the people they helping their recovery programs. I’ve been to two other recovery programs, and this is the one that I felt the most improvement on the recovery progress. All the staff members make you feel that you are a person, not another client. The staff has helped me so much more than I could have imagined. They are just so understanding with all the clients. I’m glad to say that I consider all the staff and clients as a friend. I couldn’t ask for more. Erica and her family are so wonderful.

John Z. WTL Client


Because of Walk The Line to SCI Recovery I now have the confidence I needed to face this new reality head on. After going to Walk The Line I have the ability to return to the outdoors and started cycling on my own handcycle where I can go on trails for miles. I have gone adaptive skiing and even had the courage to go skydiving in 2011. 10 years ago I would have never thought this possible but Walk The Line has given the confidence and stamina to achieve these goals.

TIM R. WTL Client


We thank you all at Walk The Line for the support, the work, and most of all the friendships and trust built in our last 2 years. We never dreamed that we would be where we are right now and will never be able to express enough gratitude for helping us get there. Not only for us but our kids to. Although the roads still long and lots still to do it fills our heart with hope. I hope you all really realize that although we are all caught up in our busy lives that your work don’t go unnoticed and that even though it may not always said you make a difference in so many lives.

Humrich Family, Family of WTL Client


Just finished a two month, twice weekly, sessions at WTL. Ashley and Jody made me sweat and swear many times, but their pushing helped my numbers and confidence. The friendly dogs and snacks available made it more like a family place than a routine PT office.

Gary,  WTL Client


Since my injury, Walk the Line to SCI recovery has provided a level of intensity in my physical therapy that I was unable to find anywhere else I worked out. Coming from a busy background of grad school and staying as active as possible rock climbing and trail running prior to my accident, the only way I knew to approach my recovery was at full bore. My trainers at WTL help me accomplish this every time I’m there and the results are evident as I continually gain strength, sensation, and practical functionality in spite of my diagnosis as a C4 quadriplegic. Add to this an atmosphere of meeting friends at the gym, as opposed to the sterile clinic setting of so many PT/OT clinics and therapy gyms, and it’s tough to envision a place more conducive to recovery and living an active life than Walk the Line.

Aaron M. WTL Client


I was paralyzed after back surgery in July of 2010. I have been to different types of therapy ever since. I felt I was going nowhere and I needed a big push. I’m so glad I took the step and tried the free trial at “Walk the Line”. I’ve only been here about a month, but, I can feel my feet for the first time in 17 months. The therapists here keep pushing you, which is exactly what I wanted. I am exhausted when I’m done, but, I have a sense of accomplishment. I now can walk wobbly with a cane for short distances. I feel I am in the right place to be pushed “over the edge” into walking with assistance or on my own. If you give 100%, your therapist is right there with you, working just as hard. I feel I am in the right place to finish the job. Check out their website.

Lynn L. WTL Client


Walk The Line to SCI Recovery is the corner stone of my recovery. I have been in various physical therapy programs that stabilize you after you incur a spinal cord injury giving you the basic foundation for your immediate living functional needs but WTL is the step for the direction of Recovery. The atmosphere is family based and inviting whether you are a two-week client or five year with positive energy flowing every time you enter the doors. The trainers come from multiple backgrounds of medicine and functional recovery adding new cutting edge strategies to challenging recovery issues that have solved great number of problems for me and allowed me to regain function. The focus of WTL is Recovery and that’s what you get.

Lee S. WTL Client


I have been taking SCI clients to rehab therapy for more than 20 years and have been to several rehab centers. Of all the rehab centers I have seen one stands above all the rest. Walk The Line to SCI Recovery. It is an intensive positive approach to rehabilitation utilizing both physical Therapy and personal trainers.

Linda Nehr- private duty coordinator Entech medical staffing


When I came to Walk the Line I had been told to give up, that I would never walk again any more than I could fly to the moon.  Fortunately we did not believe it and on my first day here I stood up in the parallel bars.  Since that day I have progressed to walking with a walker and I am continuing to make progress.

The Walk the Line family is supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.  I know my goal of a complete recovery is a certainty.

Mary Jane, WTL Client


After the car accident I was very depressed. I went to a psychotherapist and finally accepted what happened to me and started therapy. At that time I was only doing aqua therapy. But in 2010 I met another paraplegic who recommended that I to go to “Walk The Line”. After consulting with my doctor and lawyer I started my physical therapy at WTL twice a week. I have noticed physical progress as well as my zest for normal life changed. After meeting with the staff and fellow clients I realized that life continues. The support of the staff as well as watching fellow clients have made me happy and encouraged to continue on living.

Cita C. WTL Client


If you have been recently injured, or have been injured for years, as a quad or paraplegic, this program was designed for you. One thing I have learned is when opportunities present themselves, you have to go with it. Being in a wheelchair is not what any of us ordered for our lives, but it the reality we have to face. When people who are injured with a spinal cord injury get through the initial shock and dismay of having to live in a wheelchair, the next question is really, “now what?” The answer, recover all you can, live with hope and take advantage of any possibility to get better. Best to you!

Brad E. WTL Client


My name is Kimberly Austin Baker and I am a spinal cord injury survivor.  I was injured in an automobile accident March 12 of 2003.  The level of my injury is C4, C5 and C6.  I began therapy at Walk the Line to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery in the summer of 2009.  Since I began intensive therapy at Walk the Line I have progressed drastically.  My strength, independence and self reliance has grown by leaps and bounds in the last three years.  The trainers and therapist are extremely motivational and always positive.  The environment at Walk the Line is warm and friendly.  The staff is constantly encouraging me to do my best and I am appreciative of their efforts to make me the best me I can be.

Kim B. WTL Client