Happy 5 Year Anniversary to WTL!

July 11th, 2012

From our President Erica Coulston

In the earlier days of my injury I dreamt of a place where I could do anything, where nothing was “impossible”. In this day dream, which I had quite often, there was a community of people just like me- we talked, we laughed, we encouraged each other, we triumphed. We trained often and we trained hard and those training us BELIEVED in us. When I look around the gym floor of Walk The Line, it IS that place! Truly amazing things happen daily- some small, some more substantial but every day is something. Maybe this sounds silly or cheesy and for those of us who frequent WTL, this may even become mundane. But isn’t that a feat in itself, to be in a place where the unbelievable, the seemingly “impossible” happens so often that it becomes ordinary?