WTL President and Co-Founder honored by D-Man Foundation

December 20th, 2012

Danny’s Miracle Angel Network Foundation Hosting
Its 3rd Annual Hollywood Night and Awards Celebration

Detroit, MI, July 21, 2012- HOLLYWOOD NIGHT: Danny’s Miracle Angel Network (D-MAN)Foundation in recognition of individuals with severe disabilities and in celebration of its many supporters announces its 3rd Annual 2012 Hollywood Night and Awards Celebration at the historic Fillmore Theatre. Honorary Chairman Charles E. Allen is a leader and advocate for Metro Detroit and true friend of the D-MAN Foundation. The Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening will be award winning journalist Lila Lazarus.

Throughout the evening, our honored guests will “leave ordinary behind” and be greeted with paparazzi, flashing cameras, excited fans asking for autographs, TMZ-like interviews, and a champagne welcome as they flow in heels and black tie along the red carpet to the velvet rope entrance.

“It is our responsibility, as citizens of this nation, to protect individuals who are disabled and ensure that they have what they need to experience life to the fullest,” emphasized Board Chairman, Ziad Kassab.

The severely disabled are a community of individuals with shared goals and challenges. By supporting Danny’s Miracle Angel Network, sponsors and contributors are providing support and access to resources for the disabled community that increase their quality of life. In the United States there are over 700,000 individuals with serious disabilities (primarily spinal cord). Somewhere in America a person will sustain a serious injury every forty-one minutes. The D-MAN Foundation is committed to expanding the opportunities afforded disabled individuals through its mission and goals.

Danny’s Miracle Angel Network (D-MAN) Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of families and individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Through the D-MAN Foundation, people with various disabilities have the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

For more information, please contact the D-MAN Foundation at 248.267.0229 or visit www.dmanhollywood.com.

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